Blockchain-based green energy trading platform

WePower fuels renewable energy production by enabling developers to raise capital by selling their energy production upfront in the form of tradable Smart Energy Contracts.

Renewable energy financing and trade with WePower

Digital Smart Energy contracts provide flexible yet standartised power purchase process.
Blockchain-based technological solution allows fully transparent energy trade accounting.
Simple fundraising process saves time and resources for project developers and energy buyers.
Smart Energy Contracts are liquid and easily tradable within the platform – pay only for the energy you use.

Renewable energy project financing

WePower platform provides a streamlined and flexible renewable energy project fundraising solution, which saves time, effort and delivers higher returns to the renewable energy generation facility developers.

Supported facility types

For EnergyAustralia, success of our Accelerator program means delivering reliable, affordable and cleaner energy for all Australians. We're looking for the next wave of innovative ideas to make that happen. That’s why we’re excited to be partnering with WePower; a progressive startup at the forefront of blockchain platform technology.
We wish to develop more renewable energy plants and we are happy that WePower is creating a novel way to finance renewable energy development. We believe that people participation will enable the faster transition to a fully renewable future of Spain, as Spain is one of the countries blessed by an abundant amount of sunshine and a strong, available, infrastructure.
People are ready to switch to green energy and it is exciting to see how modern technology can now fulfil this demand with ease. The WePower business model and tools are a perfect example.
Eleon is constantly looking ways how to make our technology and business model better. By cooperating with WePower on developing a new windmill financing model that is tailored to wind energy, tokenization allows us to pre-sell our production in a global market and acquire necessary capital. As a result, the profitability of future projects increases.
We aim to use digital technologies to help customers make better everyday energy decisions that help save them money and lower their environmental footprint. We are always looking out for new opportunities. I am glad to partner with WePower to explore the new opportunities that blockchain can bring to the table.
Using cutting-edge technology to stay at the top of level is one of the main driving forces at Eleon. We are happy to have such partners as WePower. They share the same ambition and passion to drive renewable energy adoption through innovation. We are looking forward to starting our activities together, which we hope will accelerate our technology adoption and wind farm development in Estonia and beyond.
We are happy and thrilled to be in business with WePower! We see a lot of potential here in Australia and across the globe for the renewable energy market and people.
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Tradable smart energy contracts

WePower's Smart Energy Contracts are digital self-settling power purchase contracts. These contracts represent the amount of energy that a powerplant is planning to produce in the future and how that energy is distributed between the investors. These contracts are tradable and can also be liquidated into the local energy wholesale market. This is achieved by linking digital contracts with power grid data on blockchain.

Liquidity options

By tokenizing renewable energy and putting it onto a blockchain, WePower is making that power tradable and accessible to anyone. And it's giving people more control. In effect, people taking contracts on WePower become their own energy traders, substituting for the role utilities play in buying and selling power on our behalf.
This is where blockchain can impact industries but also the well being of our planet. WePower is allowing green energy consumers to make investments and profit off-of their completed green energy products, as well as provide suppliers with capital to further green and clean energy.
WePower wants to enable buyers to purchase green energy directly from producers at below-market rates using Ethereum-based smart energy contract tokens. According to WePower, energy tokenization ensures liquidity and extends access to capital.
The idea is that by recording every energy supplier and every transaction on a blockchain, the consumer will eventually be able to know - and decide - exactly where their energy comes from.
WePower’s platform lets green energy project developers, such as solar or wind plant builders, raise funds by selling their future energy production upfront in the form of energy tokens. It is an interesting approach since access to capital markets has been a hurdle for green energy organizations.
Starting with renewable energy project financing, such platforms could become the next generation of utility companies based on the core principles of decarbonisation, democratization and decentralization.
One of the main advantages for a green energy Blockchain such as WePower is that it connects the consumers directly to the green energy producers, bypassing the institutional nonrenewable energy producers.
If this proof of concept is adopted worldwide, we will have a blockchain powered energy trading infrastructure absorbing energy from the sun into a token value, and making this amount available for use or trade between billions of people. That’s life-changing technology.
WePower's technology also creates a platform for transparent green energy accounting, by operating a distributed open ledger, which records when and in what volumes green energy financed on the platform was produced and supplied into the grid.
WePower, one of a growing number of energy blockchain hopefuls, has found early success in the European market with an agreement to tokenize data from the Estonian independent electricity and gas system operator Elering.
The idea mimics the way many large clean energy projects are already financed, but the difference is that many more small buyers can play. Raising capital from a lot of little investors may prove easier than finding one big investor to buy all the future power production.
Companies like WePower are leveraging the excitement behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies to put green energy production into overdrive. Putting together a team of energy experts, governments, engineers, and investors together to make it happen.
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Project geography

Our largest European market with renewable energy generation facility partnerships enough to power over 400,000 households. Our key partner is Conquista Solar.
Home to our Product Developement teams, testing ground for the WePower platform and the location of the first nationwide energy trade tokenization pilot globally. Our partners in Estonia are Elering, 220 Energia and Eleon.
WePower's headquarters and the home to our Global Business Operations teams.
Our newest market with one of the best natural, legal and market conditions for renewable energy projects in the World. In Australia, WePower is part of the Startup Bootcamp Energy Australia program supported by the key energy industry players in the State of Victoria and beyond.

WePower team

WePower's team is a group of passionate individuals with multi-year experience in the energy, finance and digital transformation sectors. At WePower we believe that technology and thoughtful system design can help to solve world's most pressing challenges.
Nikolaj Martyniuk
Chief Executive Officer, co-founder
Artūras Asakavičius
Chief Operating Officer, co-founder
Kaspar Kaarlep
Chief Technology Officer, co-founder
Kristjan Kuhi
Chief Architect
Heikki Kolk
Solution Architect
Janari Kaskmaa
Development Team Lead
Mantas Aleksiejevas
Chief Business Development Officer
Gytis Labašauskas
Chief Marketing Officer
Peter H. Diamandis
Business extension
Maja Vujinovic
Energy innovation
You (Ricky) Li
Energy trade
Trevor Townsend
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